New website, new corn!

Beloved compañeros and compañeras of FUNDAHMER,

Greetings from El Salvador, and welcome to our new website! We hope this message finds you all in good health, surrounded by your loved ones.

The idea of this site is to serve as a source of information and communication between El Salvador and our sister communities and friends around the world.  Our goal is to be able to update this home page weekly, to keep everyone updated on projects, celebrations, and  community visits during the year. Other pages (see the bar at the top) will serve as more permanent sources of information about sister communities, delegations, and contact information.

We are still very much in the process of creating and developing this site so please send us your ideas and suggestions! The sister community pages, in particular, are still very much under construction, so if you have any photos or histories you would like featured on those pages, please send them to

In local news, the first atolada of the season took place at the Eco-Agricultre Center in Los Naranjos last Friday! The first crop of corn reached maturity last week, and before folding the stalks to dry it out, tradition mandates that the sweet corn be picked and cooked into all kinds of traditional foods, like elotes (corn on the cob), atole de elote (hot, porridge-y sweet corn drink), tamales, and tortas (fried patties). Although rain has been rather scarce this year throughout the country, atoladas will be taking place in many of the communities throughout August, gracias a Dios.

Edgardo and Ricardo, cutting fresh sweet corn in the morning

José, helping de-cob the corn

Javier, Laurel, Ana Gloria, Anita, Miguel, and Reyna, enjoying the first “atolada” of the harvest season

Ana Luz, drinking “atole de elote” with the kids in Los Naranjos

A good time was had by all, even those who rode in the back of the truck as the rain poured on the way home!

After a week of vacation at the beginning of August, we are looking forward to the second half of this year. Please be sure to check the website often for updates on our work, like the silo/granary projects and the scholarship students, or even “follow” us to receive email updates when we write a new post!

Thank you all for your solidarity and care.


2 thoughts on “New website, new corn!

  1. Thanks for the great article! did you also have ‘elote loco’? Our corn is ready now, too, in the Okanagan Valley and also peaches.
    We had our Vacation Bible School last week and it was an “El Salvador” theme – Cheryl taught some Spanish, some Salvadoran history and we made pupusas, cantaloupe juice, tortillas and talked to the kids about El Triunfo and the silo project. Then we had a special Romero worship service which was very moving.

    Blessings & prayers to all of you,
    First United in Kelowna, B.C.

    • ¡Gracias, Pat! Por tu comentario y las noticias de su vida solidaria con El Salvador, especialmente, con El Triunfo. Un abrazo:

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