Interviews in San Pedro

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Last weekend, Dee Nance and Phoebe Chestna from the sister community of Cayuga, New York came to visit and to begin an exciting new effort with their sister community of San Pedro in Cacaopera, Morazán.

Dee shared some of her preschool songs with the children of San Pedro during her visit in 2010.

On the last day of the Cayuga group’s visit to San Pedro last April, Doña Eligia, one of the community’s leaders, expressed hope that the story of her life, especially during the war, could be written for the memory of her community and for future generations. The group was touched by this idea, and began to imagine how to respond to Eligia’s dream. Dee made contact with Phoebe, a recent graduate of Wells College in Aurora, NY, and they came down last weekend for what we all hope will be the first of many visits. The community was enthusiastic about the project, and we had time to begin interviews with nine individuals. The plan is to transcribe these interviews into English and Spanish, so that both San Pedro and Cayuga have access to the memories of these very full lives.

Here is a very small part of what Luciano had to share:


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