Mural with ArtCorps

Scoping out the wall. We are excited about sharing what FUNDAHMER is about with the busy public of this street space!

(Para leer esta entrada en español, haz clic aquí)

As part of FUNDAHMER’s work this year with ArtCorps and our artist Miguel Zepeda, who some of you may know from his work with youth and the youth association Acción y Vida, we are painting a mural outside of the offices!

The FUNDAHMER artists’ collective “Aroma Natural” is made up of staff who have been part of this process with ArtCorps for the last five years, learning about different art techniques and how to incorporate creativity and art into our work in El Salvador, both in the office and in the field. This year, the group has been working on compiling the techniques and practices they’ve learned into a didactic manual as well as imagining how to continue to incorporate what we’ve learned into our work.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue the mural process. We’ll scrape off the paint already on the wall, paint a coat or two of white, figure out how to protect the wall from water damage from the metal around the space,  figure out the scale of the design from paper to the wall, project and trace it, and paint! Stay tuned for more pictures as time goes on!

Artists offer ideas as Edgardo helps sketch them to scale.

The finished brainstorm sketch

Part of “Aroma Natural” colors their ideas for the painting and shading of the mural

Reyna shares her ideas about coloring and shading the mural.

Everyone’s different ideas about how to color and shade different parts of the mural


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