National “Encuentro,” November 17-18

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This month, on the 17th and 18th of November, FUNDAHMER has invited members from each sister relationship committee in the Salvadoran communities to come together for an “Encuentro,” an encounter, a retreat!

The slogan for the Encuentro is “United in Community, We Build Solidarity.”

The Encuentro will take place in Morazán, and our general goal is to review, encourage, and renew the sister relationship efforts within communities. Specifically, we hope to:

  • recall the roots of community and struggle that brought us together into these relationships
  • contextualize the sister community relationships in the current reality
  • identify specific commitments to make in order to stregnthen our work in community

We have some big and small group discussions planned, a celebration Sunday morning, and campfire activities Saturday night! We are looking forward to having some space in which to reflect upon our expriences in these relationships with so many wonderful churches and schools in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Italy. We hope the Encuentro will be a time of deepening our efforts and rediscovering our commitment to solidarity and to working together.

We would like to invite the other important party in this relationship, the sister communities from outside El Salvador, to keep us in your thoughts next weekend. Also, if any groups would like to write a letter to your sister community or to the group in general, we would love to be able to incorporate your words and reflections. You can email letters or any kind of contribution to

November looks to be a month of many activities and celebrations, with the last “escuelitas” of the year and middle and high school graduations. Thank you for your constant solidarity and care, and know that we send many warm greetings, from your friends and family here in El Salvador!


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