Graduations in Los Naranjos

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It’s that time of year! The Salvadoran public school year ends in November, and in these weeks, we are so excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and their commitment to their education, along with the commitment and sacrifices that their families make.

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony at the school in Los Naranjos. Los Naranjos is a remote, rural community in the municipality of San José Villanueva in La Libertad. Because of the community’s small population, it does not have its own school under the Ministry of Education. In response of solidarity to this, the parish of San Giuseppe Moscatti in Italy sponsors the salary for the community’s teacher, Ana Gloria. Yesterday, we celebrated the graduation of three students from “prepa,” the preschool/kindergarten stage, as well as the completion of another school year for the rest of the students.

The graduating students with their godmother for the celebration!

The school asked Anita to be the “madrina,” the godmother, of the celebration, and both she and Maria Elena spoke about the role of the students’ parents in facilitating their children’s access to their right to education. It is important, they both agreed, that we allow children to have a childhood: to go to school and to play and to grow. There was also participation during the celebration from the graduating students, who danced the traditional graduation waltz and sang the school’s hymn, as well as from the older students, who also sang and danced a traditional folklore number (check out the videos at the bottom of this post!). It was a beautiful day, and we are grateful for the closing of another school year!

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