Completion of the “Water for El Rucio” project

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On Saturday, November 24, we celebrated the closing of the “Water for El Rucio” project in the community of El Rucio, located in eastern Morazán. Twenty-four families live in El Rucio, and until now, the main source of water for the community has been the Torola river that runs through the valley below, implying a two-kilometer long system of rubber hoses that dripped water into various buckets and pails.

The “Agua para El Rucio” project initially took a survey of the population to determine common practices around water usage and the needs of the community with regard to this important resource. Next, the community participated in a series of workshops facilitated by FUNDAHMER about the reality of the water issue in the present day, keeping water clean and parasite-free, and general leadership and communal living formation. Along with these workshops, three tanks for the storage of rain and river water were built with the collaboration and manual labor of the people in the community. Each tank is made out of concrete, bamboo, and natural filler materials, like rocks and straw. The three tanks will be used by eight families each for their needs throughout the year.

These tanks will be especially useful during the dry season, which begins about now. They will be filled with some river water and also rainwater the runs off of the roofs, which is good for washing, cooking, and bathing, and each family has been granted a clay water filter for purifying drinking water.

For the celebrationon Saturday, we celebrated Mass outside, near one of the three new tanks, giving thanks not only for the new infrastructure but also the knowledge and working together that this effort has cultivated. A meal of beans, spaghetti, and tortilla was shared, and youth groups from Naranjera, Yancolo, and Agua Blanca performed skits and dances.

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