High School Graduations in Morazán

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The Salvadoran school year ends in November, which means, as you’ve surely seen here on the blog, many graduation celebrations, from preschool all the way through high school, and hopefully some university students in the coming years! Last weekend were graduation celebrations for high school (“bachillerato”) students out in Morazán in the municipalities of Cacaopera and Corinto. We are so proud of all of the graduates and their families for choosing education as a priority. Most of these students are the first high school graduates in their families and one of a minority in their communities.

Graduations for high schoolers are obviously a time to celebrate the accomplishments of these students and to admire the sacrifices and dedication of each student and his or her family. However, for some students in many grade levels, graduations and the end of the school year mark the end of their educational career. The national university gets more competitive each and every year, and many families decide to send their young people to work in the town or in the fields closer to home instead of continuing on to university, high school, or even seventh grade. It’s easy to get swept up in the victory of graduation day, but we would like to take a moment to invite the extended FUNDAHMER family to hold in our hearts especially those young men and women who will not be continuing their studies next year, for whatever reason.

The graduations in Cacaopera were on Friday, November 30, at the “United Nations” Education Center, where students from Agua Blanca, San Pedro, La Hacienda, Junquillo, Yancolo, and sometimes Calavera go for high school. As always, we were grateful for the accompaniment of representatives from Prince of Peace parish in San Antonio, Texas, including Glenn, Tom, and Monsignor Patrick Cronin, who concelebrated the graduation Mass and helped award diplomas during the ceremony. The day started off with Mass in the church in Cacaopera followed by the graduation ceremony at the school. Afterwards, all of the graduates’ families invite friends and family for lunch and possibly dancing!

Graduations in Corinto were held the next day, December 1, in the Community Center in Corinto. Santos Aurelia, from Jimilile, earned the top spot in her graduation class!

To see photos of this year’s graduating high schoolers, click here. For pictures of the ceremonies and celebrations, see the slideshow below!

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