Honey Harvest

(para leer en español, haz clíc aquí)IMG_1909On Tuesday, we harvested the first round of honey of the season.IMG_1908 It’s a large-group affair; Don Manuel is the professional beekeper who helps us out, so he and his son headed out to the Agro-Ecological Center in Los Naranjos early in the morning, and the process began! Everyone wore at least a part of the funny bee suits and got assigned one of the many jobs: venturing into the area where the hives are to retrieve the frames where the bees form the honey combs, cutting the wax seal off the combs, putting the frames into the gear-machine thing, spinning the frames so that the honey comes out, and collecting and bottling it. It’s quite a process!

This first harvest yielded 278 bottles, but we ran out of tops for the bottles, so there are still tubs of honey sitting around, ready to be packaged. Ricardo made sure to leave out plenty of pieces of extra honeycomb for the bees to eat during the day.

Enjoy the video below!


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