Letter from Roxana

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In El Salvador, February is the month of love and friendship, so to all of our beloved friends throughout the world, thank you for your friendship and solidarity!

We would like to share with you a letter from one of our scholarship students to her sister community, Brophy College Prep, in Phoenix, Arizona. Roxana is studying Math at the National University in San Miguel and started classes for the year on Monday. As of Monday, actually, all of the students have started classes, and the year is off and running. We hope to share her letter as an example of the spirit that many of our students display, and to wish them all the best of luck in university this year!

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Caserío La Hacienda
Cantón Agua Blanca
Cacaopera, Morazán

Dear brothers and sisters of the Brophy community,

Receive a fraternal greeting as I take this opportunity to wish you much success in your studies and other everyday works.

I wish to tell you a little bit about what the date of January 24 means to me. First of all, I am full of happiness to know that it is a very important date for many Salvadorans, since on January 24 of the year 2007 a new radio station called “Cadena Mi Gente” went on the air. On this radio station, the Salvadoran people have the chance to make our voices heard, to express what we feel and what we think. For many years, we did not have this opportunity to say what we felt and thought.

Also, unfortunately, on January 24 of the year 2006, one of the great revolutionary leaders, Shafik Handal, parted from us physically. I personally was very sorry and continue to feel very strongly the loss of Shafik, since he was a leader that always defended the people. During the war, he was called Comandante Simón, and when the war ended, he always remained on the side of the Salvadoran people. He never changed his fundamental opinions, and was very much like Monseñor Romero in that they both believed that for the Salvadoran people to be well, it was necessary for change to happen at the roots. Unfortunately, we have not achieved these changes, but I have faith that some day all that we long for will be a reality.

In my studies, I am anxious to begin this new school year. In the National University, we start classes on February 18, and I am already getting ready all of the notebooks and everything I will need in order to study.

These are my few words, and I hope that they are agreeable to each one of you.

Greetings to your family members; may God bless you and continue to illuminate and accompany you always.

Your friend and companion,

Roxana Marisol Ramírez Luna



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