Thank you, Saint Louis University!

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slu las mesas 3

Our big delegation in March has been a visit from Saint Louis University in Missouri. SLU has been visiting FUNDAHMER and El Salvador during the school’s spring break since 2010, and we have been happy to welcome them again this year. SLU visits the community of Las Mesas in La Libertad, as well as trucking out to Morazán and to other historical and cultural sites around San Salvador.

This year, for an afternoon, SLU also headed out to Tepecoyo, another community in La Libertad. Tepecoyo is a praxis site for students in the Casa de la Solidaridad study abroad program, where the students go twice a week to accompany the community and learn alongside the people. Casa alums who return to Saint Louis University after their semester in El Salvador have started a group called “Tortillas for Tepecoyo,” which works to raise awareness and funds for a cafeteria for children’s nutrition in the community, and we are excited that the SLU group had the opportunity to visit!

Many thanks to the SLU group for their presence and solidarity, and safe wishes for your journey home today!


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