Mercedes Ruíz, ¡Presente!

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Logo FundahmerIn this month of March, we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of many important martyrs in El Salvador, most notably Fr. Rutilio Grande, SJ on March 12, and Monseñor Romero on March 24. For us at FUNDAHMER, another important anniversary was yesterday, March, 20, the anniversary of the death of Mercedes Ruíz, the man for whom the foundation is named. Menche, as he was affectiontely called, worked tirelessly in the communities during the war and after, walking between villiages, often without eating, a true example of walking in solidarity with the people in their sturggles. He died on March 20, 1995, eighteen years ago, from cancer, as FUNDAHMER was forming as an official legal NGO. He asked his friends to continue our work with the people of the CEBs, despite hardships and obstacles, and we continue to draw inspiration today from this promise.

As the popular song says, Menche, “we still sing, we still ask for, we still dream, we still hope.” You accompany us in our struggles today, resurrected in your people.



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