Summer volunteer needed!!

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Hello friends of FUNDAHMER! As many of you know and have personally experienced, FUNDAHMER hosts many delegations over the course of the year from varying organizations, high schools, universities, parishes, and church communities. Although we are graced with visitors year round the summer months tend to be the most concentrated and so in an effort to be most present to our many groups we are looking for a volunteer! The time frame is minimally from the end of May through July (essentially 2 months) and the volunteer would fulfill the role of Assistant Delegation Coordinator. We are looking for someone comfortable with the Spanish language who would be interested in accompanying delegations, supporting with a bit of translation, and generally being an extra set of hands for the current Delegations Coordinator. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about Christian Base Communities as well as the history and reality of El Salvador via firsthand experience. In particular the volunteer will accompany groups during visits to sister communities in various parts of the country and to meetings and tours in and around San Salvador. Energy and flexibility are important qualities for someone interested in this position. We are looking forward to having someone else join us in accompanying delegations! For more information please contact Christine Wanzeck at


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