The Sacacoyo Kitchen Project

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We are excited to announce the campaign for a commercial kitchen space for the “Laura Smith” women’s committee in Sacacoyo! The dedicated women of the community of Sacacoyo have worked together since 2005, learning how to make artisanal sweets, pickled vegetables, traditional Salvadoran drinks, baskets, and, of course, the beautiful cards with dried flowers and designs that many of you purchased at Christmastime. Theirs continues to be a story of dedication to each other, to their craft, and to the transformation of the Salvadoran reality in a very true and concrete way.

DSC05072We are part of a fundraising effort to help these women take the next step in their journey. Right now, they are working in their houses, or under the shade of a tree, and in order to widen their available markets and continue to grow, they need to meet certain health and hygiene regulations under the law. This implies a building that can be used and maintained as a kitchen as well as appliances and tools that conform to the legal requirements.

As Laura Smith, who worked with FUNDAHMER and these women for three years, says, “This project is not just about building a kitchen. This project is about crating a dignified space for these women to come together and continue to grow in their support for one another, to build skills and to gain mastery over something, become empowered, and share that empowerment, that inspiration, with their daughters and the people who watch them, around them, doing what they need to do to break the mold of what the Salvadoran woman has been for so long.”

Please take a second to watch the video below, with footage of the women from Sacacoyo and so many others who believe in this project. We are trying to raise a total of $12,000 for the construction of the space and the equipment for the women, and every little bit really counts. A campaign has been started on (link HERE!), and donations can also be sent directly to RISES, a 501(c)3 partner in the United States. If you would rather send a check, please put “Sacacoyo Kitchen Project” in the memo line, and mail it to:

PO Box 531212
Livonia, MI 48153-1212


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