A Visit to El Triunfo

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At the end of March, our friends Pat and Greig from First United Church in Kelowna, Canada came to visit and to celebrate the Easter days with their sister community El Triunfo in La Libertad.


Pat and Greig, spending some time in the community’s chapel in the evening. This photo was taken by Adonay, one of the high school scholarship students in El Triunfo.

Pat and Greig were in the community from Thursday to Saturday, meeting with the (mostly new!) scholarship students, sharing traditional chilate con nuegados with the sister relationship comittee, and smashing piñatas with the kids! On Holy Thursday, the community washed each others’ feet, as Jesus did for the disciples in the Gospels, and Pat and Greig presented a quilted banner to the women’s committee that the women of First Untied Church had made together on a retreat. It was a beautiful, though windy, visit!

Pat and Greig’s visit to El Salvador also included a celebration at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, an historic church here in San Salvador, part of the historic memory around Romero and liberation theology.

Pat shared an article with us about a great fundraising idea! They had a book sale at the church of gently used books donated by the congregation and raised about $600 for scholarships this year. What a great way to support the education of Salvadoran students  and share favorite stories! You can read the article by clicking here, or read more about FUNDAHMER’s scholarship program by clicking here.

Thanks for your visit, Pat and Greig, and especially warm greetings to everyone at First United Church in Kelowna, Canada!


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