Stories from scholarship students

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This month, during the April scholarship meetings, we asked the students to freewrite about a personal experience they have had with the topics and issues on the lists that we have created together that are pertinent to their realities as students, youth, and members of their families and communities. These lists include issues like globalization, politics, the environment, work/employment, security/delinquency, economics, healthcare, etc.

As we have been reading some of the students writings this week, we feel compelled to share a few samples with you all.

… Education is what our parents give us, since it is in the home where we receive our first education, followed by school, which is like our second home, and later the education that we receive in society. But from society only the good things, and if we are well educated, society won’t have problems that result from bad education. There would be more honest people that would help to better our country.

Santos Aurelia Martínez, “Education”
Community of Jimilile, Calavera
Year 1 of university, Bachelor’s in Accounting

The Saturday before last, I had an unforgettable experience about globalization. That day, I created a Facebook account during my hour of break. I have a friend from Costa Rica, and I chat with her two days a week, since I can access the Internet on my cell phone and get on Facebook. I also connect to other pages on the Internet where I inform myself about what is going on in other countries.

José Dimas Granados Ortíz, “Globalization”
Community of Colón
Second year of distance-learning high school

Well, an experience that I have had this week is about the environment. In my community, especially on my brother’s plot of land, there are many pine trees, but the surprise that I had was that when I returned from university, they had cut down one of the trees, something what did not make me very happy because this is a very agreeable place with a good climate. It is cool, and the more trees they keep cutting down, the more the place will change. The climate will get hotter, and what I recommended to my brothers was that they not cut down any more trees and that they reforest the space, or that they make a nursery to be able to reforest later. This is one of many such experiences I’ve had that I don’t like.

Rolando Javier Guzmán Pérez, “Environment”
Community of El Ocotillo
Year 1 of university, Bachelor’s in English

Well, my experience last week was that I went to the field to play. We played soccer, and we beat the boys, and we had a lot of fun because playing makes me feel like a happier person, with more strength and happiness. And I wish I could be like that all the time, learning to have friends and to play together, so one day we could have a great soccer team and softball, too, to learn.

Erika de Jesús Luna, “Recreation”
Community of San Pedro
7th grade

We will be working throughout the rest of the year on the sharing of our stories among the scholarship students. They have a point of view that is not frequently heard but that has a lot to say to our society.


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