Bridge over Yancolo waters

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The community of Yancolo is building a bridge over the creek/river (depending on what time of the year) that runs through their community!

Ana Luz testing out the new bridge in Yancolo. It's not finished yet, but it's looking good!

Ana Luz testing out the new bridge in Yancolo. It’s not finished yet, but it’s looking good!

The funds for this effort were fundraised and gathered by Yancolo, reaching out to different contacts like the local mayor’s office, the parish, and their sister community, Notre Dame high school in San Jose, California. Additionally, families from the community have been chipping in a symbolic amount of a dollar or so per month to show their dedication to and support of the project.

This project meets quite a few needs the community has been seeing over the past few years. During the rainy season when the river swells, it becomes unsafe to cross, essentially cutting off half of the community’s access to the road and to their neighbors. The bridge will give everyone a bit of peace-of-mind in the case of a medical emergency in that part of the community during the rainy season. It will also help the students who live over the river get to school when the creek is high.

Another exciting aspect of this bridge project is that it opens up the rest of the community to involvement with their sister community! The students from Notre Dame come every June, and the water level in the creek always causes problems. Families who live on the other side haven’t had the opportunity to host the students in their homes and spend time with them individually, and the young women from Notre Dame have never gotten to know that part of the community! We are excited to explore this summer.

Congratualtions, Yancolo! ¡Seguimos adelante!


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