June volunteers!

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Starting now and through most of June, we have the pleasure of getting to know a couple new volunteers and facilitating their experiences here in El Salvador!

At the end of last week, we were thrilled to welcome Tori Wagner, a junior at Boston College who is volunteering with FUNDAHMER this summer. Tori came to El Salvador for the first time on the Boston College delegation this past January and has chosen to return to spend some extended time in BC’s sister community, El Ocotillo, near Perquín in Morazán.

Tori and Lisseth from El Ocotillo sharing some ice cream!

Tori and Lisseth from El Ocotillo sharing some ice cream!

During her time in El Ocotillo, Tori plans to interview members of the community in order to better understand how different generations continue to feel and deal with the effects of the war. We are so grateful for Tori’s time and interest in the stories of the people of El Ocotillo.

Our other June volunteer is Mike Tarkey, recent graduate of St. Louis University who first came to El Salvador on a delegation through his high school in 2008. Mike got to El Salvador yesterday and plans to dedicate the next month or so to helping with high school delegations who are on their way this summer!

Mike is very photogenic.

Mike is very photogenic.

A very warm welcome, then, for Mike and Tori to the FUNDAHMER family!!


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