13th Ecological March

(para leer en español, haz clíc aquí)

Yesterday, Thursday, as FUNDAHMER, we participated in the thirteenth Ecological March. The slogan this year was inspired by a quote from Pope Francis, and we shouted, “Water is to be defended! We reject mining and other projects that bring death!”

Specifically, the march this year focused on the two issues of (1) water and mining, which destroys sources of drinking water, takes land from rural, poor campesino communities, and removes natural riches from the Salvadoran earth to sell and make a profit outside of the country, (2) food sovereignty, including the struggle for native seed, respect for the campesino way of life and organic, sustainable agriculture, and against multinational corporations like Monsanto and national laws that make El Salvador dependent upon other countries for food.

More or less seven thousand people came to the march from various departments (states or provinces) to make their voices heard. To read some of the people’s signs, click here, and to read more about the ecological struggle in the country, check out the following articles:

Long live Mother Earth!


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