Monseñor Romero’s 96th Birthday

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This August 15, 2013, we celebrate 96 years since the birth of Monseñor Romero. His thought and spirituality are the origin of SICSAL; we were founded just a short time after his death, and his person continues (33 years later) to inspire our work.

On this anniversary we invite all groups and people that form part of SICSAL to remember his teachings and to put into action our commitment to follow Jesus in the style of Romero. To do this, on a personal or collective level, we may meditate on a particular passage from his homilies (remember that on our website there are many resources that you can use:, sing one of the songs that honor him, (I recommend the following):

or watch a video (there are many sites on the internet, and you can even find the movie with Raul Julia as the protagonist):

As far as beatification/canonization goes, although we do not have more recent news, it seems to have advanced significantly:

  • As you know, recently Bishop Gerhard Ludwing Müller, Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, declared: “The Congregation has expressed that there is no obstacle, nothing that impedes the canonization from a a doctrinal point of view, which is good, we are very happy.”
  • In El Salvador, a few days ago (Sunday, August 11) was the closing of the Eucharistic Congress celebrating the first one hundred years of the Archdiocese. Pope Francis sent Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino, Archbishop of La Habana,  as his personal delegate, and the cardinal showed a series of positive details: he visited the tomb int he Crypt of the Catehdral, the chapel of the Hospitalito where Romero was asassinated, and also the rose garden in the UCA, where Elba, Celina, and the Jesuit priests were asassinated. During the homily in the closing Mass, he mentioned Mon. Romero three times. He made a significant comparison between the Last Supper of Jesus and the unfinished Eucharist during which Mon. Romero was killed. Upon expressing his desire for canonization, the applause from the thousands of us who were present was immediate and enthusiastic: “Now in this celebration, we feel that he is close to us, and we ask God for the honor of the altars for him” (–aboga-por-la-canonizaci%C3%B3n-de-Monse%C3%B1or-Romero%E2%80%A8.htm). On one side of the altar was a great painting of Romero, also presiding over the celebration.

All of these are good and eloquent signs in a Salvadoran Church that is still timid, prejudiced and fearful regarding the figure of Monseñor Romero and the social, pastoral, and even political consequences that his person signifies.

We have the impression, then, that the official process advances, that Pope Francis wants to make of this another sign of change and of fresh ecclesial air that he has been pushing. It might not be strange to expect news soon about possible beatification.


And here within our intimate ecclesial life of the Archdiocese, excuse me, brothers and sisters that I refer to myself in order to express to you deep gratitude for the multiple manifestations of solidarity because of my birthday that have been expressed to me by communities, individuals, and even the clergy during the Domus Marie lunch during which we had the happiness of stretching out our hand to Monseñor Chavez; more than anything for the Mass we celebrated that night that left me so full of consolation, and where so many people and communities of our Archdiocese were present.

 ¡May God bless you!

(Mons. Romero, Sunday, August 20, 1978)

Armando Márquez Ochoa


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