Soccer with scholarship students in Morazán

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A couple months ago, after a scholarship meeting in El Ocotillo, the students had the idea of organizing a soccer tournament among the twelve communities in Morazán. El Ocotillo is located a few kilometers north of Perquín, and they have a beautiful soccer field surrounded wtih pine trees, so this past Saturday, the sixty-some students from Cacaopera bussed up with the students from Jocoaitique, ready for some fútbol!

Because some communities’ students are almsot entirely in middle school and others are almost all in University, we mixed everyone together to make the teams as even as possible. The girls played first and the boys second, and spectators lounged in the grass breathing in the cool mountain air, and cheering on one team or another. Elmer from Agua Blanca, soon to be a university graduate, even brought his recorder for some Titanic-themed ambiance.

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It was a beautiful day, both in the sense of the weather and the sky and the trees and the moutnains and also in the sense of the joy of getting everyone together to run around and have some fun!


2 thoughts on “Soccer with scholarship students in Morazán

  1. I didn’t realize that FUNDAHMER communities in Morazan interacted with each other. This is terrific to know! Please let us know of further inter-actions!

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