Morazán Poetry

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In September, the month of the “patria” (the fatherland or the homeland), Nohemy from Agua Blanca shared with us a poem that she wrote a few years ago about her home country El Salvador as she sees it, from her reality as a campesina woman immersed in the struggle. The poem moved us quite a bit, and here we would like to share it with the wider FUNDAHMER family.

Ode to the Rival Flag

God help you, ruined fatherland,
Where we continue to be exploited.
Your air is polluted;
The land no longer produces.
Families have emigrated;
Freedom is only a speech.

And religion is a hoax.
You have many homes without fathers,
Disordered countrysides.

The rivers have no water.
Deforested volcanos,
Exploited lakes.

Skies polluted by so much technology.
Poverty and misery walk through your fields.
Mechanics, factories, banks, supermarkets, telephone lines,
In foreign hands.
Violence sparks.

The art that arises is not true to the present.
Fatherland, you don’t even have a language to defend yourself.
Fatherland, your history saddens us when we learn
how in debt you are.

The flag no longer pleases the new generation.
The sun burns you and us.
So much deforestation; they have disrespected the laurel trees.
And I’m telling you, they don’t respect or have love for you, either.
There are hundreds of casualties.

I have no farewell for you,
I just want to say:
care for nature and do not destroy again!

Poet: Nohemy Santiaga Ortíz
Community: El Tablón, Agua Blanca, Cacaopera, Morazán
April 2009



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