Artisans at the UCA Vigil

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A traditional part of the vigil for the UCA martyrs is the chance for cooperatives and collectives to sell artesanías, books, clothing and other homemade goods in the parking lot after the procession and after Mass. Last Saturday night, the women of Flor de Maíz in Morazán and the women from the collective in Las Mesas were present, selling their artisanal wares, including jewelry, crocheted bags, honey, shampoo, sweets, scarves, earrings, and hand-embroidered placemats and pot holders. One of the most exciting items, from the women of Flor de Maíz, were hand-woven purses made from the fiber of the mezcal plant, used ancestrally in Morazán for bags, hammocks, rope, and even clothing.

these groups of women are a coupel of the groups with which Mercedes has been working this year around issues of campesina woman identity and solidariy economics. They have been developing this process together for years, working on these issues and others, like machismo, violence, and the recuperation of their histories and stories. They are now in a stage of their formation in which they have chosen to specialize in a couple products and refine their abilities in order to be able to make a quality product that can campete in the market. They are establishing a brand fo their products and continuing to look for opportunities to sell. The bigil at the UCA was a great opportunity to celebrate the life and dedication of the martyrs and of these tenacious campesino women.

The pictures from the event are quite blurry, so you’ll have to come by the FUNDAHMER offices or another event where they’re selling to see he beautiful art and quality products that they make!

The women's stand at the vigil

The women’s stand at the vigil


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