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March 1st will be a new day of elections in El Salvador, in this case, corresponding to the representatives of the Legislative Assembly, of the Central American Parliament, and of the municipal councils (including the mayor).

These elections have been categorized as the most complex elections in the history of El Salvador, now that they include three types of votes: the “residential vote,” the “crossed vote” (voting for the candidate as opposed to voting for the party) and the “plural municipal council vote” (the loosing parties have the possibility to name members of the municipal council, seeking democratic participation within the municipal governments with various political parties).

Due to the complexity of the elections of this year, it is necessary that the population is well informed of how to vote and that it investigates in detail the profile of each candidate for the Legislative Assembly and for the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), to know what their lines of work are and the proposals they offer.

The 10 political parties come into play for these elections. According to polls carried out by different institutions in the country, the two political forces with the most possibility to win the vote are the FMLN and ARENA parties.

In the case of the FMLN, the candidate for the mayor of San Salvador, Nayib Bukele, brings different proposals and comes with “winds of youth.” The candidate is a young businessman who was the mayor of the municipality of Nuevo Cuscatlán, where he did important works for the population of the zone.

The candidate of ARENA for the mayor of San Salvador, Edwin Zamora, is a businessman and representative in the Legislative Assembly (2012) who is known for having voted against laws or acts in favor of the people, in the same way his party votes.

The polarization for these elections is more evident as the electoral competition continues being monopolized by the two biggest parties, but there is hope that this new method of voting will bring new life to the configuration of the next legislative body.

Whatever the results are, we hope that the elected candidates work for laws and acts in favor of the Salvadoran population.

By: Betsaida Álvarez

(Translated by Amelia Wiggins)


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  1. At Crescent United Church on Sunday, we will be praying for fair elections, and that those who are elected make the interests and needs of the poor their priority.


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