Update: Campesino School 2015

foto graduación

Remember Campesino School last year?! Remember how nine students from rural El Salvador spent four months of the 2014 growing season with us, trying out this pretty big idea of intensive, internship-style school about sustinable agriculture? We do, and we are excited to tweak some parts that need tweaking and try again. One of the most importante changes we need to make is to take the project out to Morazán and build a demonstration site out there, among the communities, in their environments.

Check out our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to learn more about our preparation plans for the second half of 2015, what we need to get done, and our vision for the future. If you can donate, please know that your contribution really does go a long way, and if not, sharing our project with your family and friends is also a great help. Here is the link: Campesino School 2015 on Indiegogo. Additionally, if you know of other groups or people working on similar efforts in El Salvador, let us know! Networking with other groups is going to be essential for the success of this project, and we’d love some help connecting.

If you have an questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email Laurel at soy.laurel@gmail.com. This is among her favorite things to talk and write about these days, right up there with how she just learned that cacao pods grow directly out of the TRUNKS of cacao trees and her new pet cat. Thank you so much for your accompaniment with this project, and be ready for more updates, coming your way soon!


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