Delegations 2015!

delegations 1

Delegations 2015!

Fundahmer has more or less concluded our delegation visits for 2015. We are so very lucky to have led such incredible groups! It’s been an honor to receive people from all over including the west coast, Canada, many other parts of the States as well as Italy! A year full of solidarity, new experiences, and the rekindling of friendships.

Our itineraries included many new places such as FEACIES, an organization that works with factory workers. The delegations learned about the lives of the people and what they lack in relation to human rights. The opportunity arose to meet with a group in Mejicanos, who shared pertinent information about the gang situation and how we can help prevent young people from entering into the gangs. One delegation was lucky enough to meet with our community in Sacacoyo. We found a life different from that in Morazán and other parts of El Salvador. Additionally, they had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of women who have a co-op in Sacacoyo!

The history of El Salvador includes many intense events and thankfully, there are still many people able to share their testimony with us. We always arrive with open hearts when we meet with those willing to share their past. Some delegations had the opportunity to speak with Marta Amaya, the daughter of Rufina Amaya – survivor of the massacre in El Mozote. Others met with Father Schindler, the priest that worked with the four North American women (Jean Donavan, Dorthy Kazel, Maura Clarke, and Ita Ford) in 1980. We had many meetings with important and admirable people here in El Salvador and are very grateful for all that they taught us.

A day in the community in El Salvador was different for each delegation. Morazán was quite the adventure! We played with the kids, made bubbles, went on hikes, bathed in rivers, learned how the fishponds work, and played fútbol (soccer)! The most important activities were our meetings with the people of the community. Here we learned about the local reality and listened to stories from community members. In La Libertad there was dancing, hiking and many a fútbol game. Ample time in the itinerary allowed the delegates to play with the children at the local schools. The experiences the delegations shared with Fundahmer reenergized us to move forward in solidarity and strength, sharing the reality of El Salvador with the world.

The communities in El Salvador shared wonderful experiences with their sister communities and are always excited for their return!

Thank you to everyone who came to share with us! We miss those who could not join us this year.

-Colleen Blanton


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