Getting to know Reyna Guzmán, the Secretary for Fundahmer!

foto Reina

I believe that of all the experiences with FUNDAHMER, the one that has marked me the most or has had the greatest impact on me was the emergency that occurred in the country in 2005, Hurricane Stan. There have been many emergencies, but this was the first I had experienced while working at FUNDAHMER. It hadn´t been long since I began my work at the foundation, and I had no idea about all of the logistics and work that it would take to be able to confront an emergency of this magnitude. Given that I came from working in a private industry enterprise; I never had the opportunity to help others during an emergency. The altruism of both local and international people surprised me, as well as the dedication of all of the personal who did everything they could and more for the affected communities, trying to help the best they could. After 2005, many other emergencies and disasters have come; droughts and floods, many within and outside of the office, however, the emergency that stays with me the most is Hurricane Stan.
In all of these years, I would never have imagined that I would meet so many people from so many different countries: people from delegations and volunteers who have offered their time and energy to support the work the foundation does with the communities, and people of the communities that we attend to; they have so much affection, pain and economic need as well as the need to share their stories.
During this time I have learned much about Monsignor Romero and how there are so many people that move with the same spirit and conviction, as well as many who gave their life to bring about a future that has justice for all. All of this moves me to be in solidarity with these people.

-Reyna Guzmán


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