Greeting and Holiday Cards Handmade in the Community of Sacacoyo!

¡¡¡It´s November!!!
I´m sure that the leaves are falling and that the wonderful season of sweaters and snow angels is not far behind. I can´t quite remember the last time I needed a sweater here in El Salvador, however, just like other parts of the world, the people of El Salvador are excited and preparing for the holiday season.

In that spirit, we have launched the Holiday Greeting Card Sale of 2015!

These cards are handmade by the women of Sacacoyo. They use natural materials and their creativity to construct -holiday, flower and vida campesina designs. They are also offering a packet of mixed cards and are making great little gift tags that you can use to put under the tree or on a birthday gift.
These cards can be used all year round and are perfect for those end-of-the-year letters that are sent to friends and family around the world. They also make great fundraisers! Some find the cards so beautiful that they end up in frames on the wall!

Four different packets of original handmade cards are being offered along with mini gift tags.
Gift tags come 25 to a packet and cost $6.00
A packet of 10 original cards with envelops costs $10.00
Standard USPS Shipping within the States in a Flat Rate Envelope will cost around $6.00 

      #1: Christmas Theme Packet                                          #2: Floral Theme Packet

img216    img213                           img200     img203

   #3: Vida Campesina Theme Packet                                #4: Mixed/Grab Bag Packet

img191      img56               grabag       img115

Please tally up which packets you would like along with how many packets of each you want and send your order in an email to cebesfundahmer@gmail.comPlease don´t forget to include your mailing address!
I will promptly get back to you with a confirmation and final pricing.
We have volunteers returning to the States on the 23rd of November and the 17th of December. All orders from North America will be mailed from the U.S. greatly decreasing the price of shipping. The orders received before November 19th will go to the States on the 23rd and be mailed shortly after. Those received between November 20th and December 4th will go to the States on the 17th of December and be mailed before Christmas. The details about who to write checks to and where to send them will depend on which volunteer brings back the cards. In order to pay for shipping, the checks will be written directly to the trusted volunteer. They will use a small amount for shipping and then write and bring one single check back to FUNDAHMER upon their return in January. This makes the international payment process much simpler and everyone receives their cards before the holidays. (An online payment process is the 2016 goal)

*All proceeds go to “El comite de Mujeres-Laura Smith” and their community in Sacacoyo.*


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