A little bit about Ana Luz-Our Solidarity Coordinator

Hola….Amigas y Amigos.    I am Ana Luz Renderos.  10931473_932122523487158_6042017959864182099_o

I will tell you a little bit of my story, a little bit about the work that I do with Fundahmer.

I came to know the foundation in 2005; I believe that it was providential. Like many of you know, I was a religious person with the congregation of the Oblates of Divine Love. For various reasons of which I am not going to go into detail, I left the delegation in 2002. It is not easy to reintegrate oneself into civilian life; however, I can tell you that with the never ending support of my family, little by little I began to reintegrate myself into civilian life. In the year 2005, like every year, I went to the birthday mass for Monsignor Romero at the Cripta-which is part of the Cathedral. There, I ran into Don Armando Márquez, one of the founders of Fundahmer and the director at the time.

Armando was my professor at the Universidad Don Bosoco, we began to chat and he invited me to get to know Fundahmer. At the time I was looking for work, I arrived at Fundahmer in September and stayed for the rest of the year where I collaborated with Armando. The following year, 2006, Fundahmer contracted me to work with the scholarship program, it was a beautiful experience. I had always worked with the youth of catholic high schools, this was my first experience working with the youth in rural areas; it was interesting and I learned a lot from these young people.


In 2007 Fundahmer did not renew my contract…maybe they didn’t like me hahaha. I reintegrated myself into Fundahmer in 2009 when Anita, one of Fundahmer’s founders, contracted me to work in the women’s area in Fundahmer’s department of education. Without a doubt this was a rich gift, I learned a lot about the struggles that these women have. I learned about their joys, their sorrows, their dreams, and their daily dedication. Despite the poverty situation and marginalization that they live in, these women never lose hope. Like this, I have continued my life in the foundation up to current day. I am now the coordinator for the Solidarity Program, it is a great challenge filled with many satisfactions, mostly because of the work I do with delegations that come from the U.S., Canada, and Italy.

I like to get to know young people and adults from different countries and cultures, to offer them an experience of immersion where they encounter the poverty of our communities. It helps them to see another reality that they do not know exists. I like that I have the ability to see them 10482047_808487769183968_8358967265247627502_oimmersed with the community, sleeping in hammocks where they can be bitten by the bugs, making tortillas, bathing via guacal (bucket shower) etc., this is something that the delegates will not forget, these moments mark their lives. Maybe the part of my job that I enjoy most is the ability to facilitate this type of experience.

I give thanks to Fudahmer for these years that have permitted me to get to know the foundation and give my small support to the communities of Morazán, La Libertad, and San Salvador. I always wanted to work with the poor of my country and Fundahmer gave me the opportunity. A thousand thanks!


There are many experiences that I have lived, felt, and experimented with. I believe that these will always bring to mind and heart the volunteers, the delegates, and my people of El Salvador. El Salvador is the ground of a great saint, Saint Monsignor Romero, a saint who has been my guide and who has given meaning to my life and my options.

Long live Monsignor Romero!

Long live Fundahmer!


With profound thanks!

Ana Luz


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