Greetings from Agua Escondida

para español, dele click aquí

“It is, for me, the greatest triumph of my life to have been with Bellarmine for 14 years.”

With these words, Arsenia said goodbye to the community of Agua Escondida and completed her fourteen-year career as the teacher at the “Monseñor Romero” Early Education Center/Kindergarten. The program is a collaboration between Agua Escondida and their sister community, Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, California. Since the early days of the Kinder, Arsenia has been a mentor and teacher to many classes of kids who have graduated from the program.

A few weeks ago, Arsenia met with the students and their parents to welcome the new teacher, Ana Maritza. Maritza spoke of her desire to continue with the work that Arsenia has begun in the Center: “I hope that this new year, 2017, is a great one.”

Through the project of the Kinder, the community of Agua Escondida has not only grown to love Arsenia, but they have also formed close frienships with members of hte Bellarmine community. In the video below, we share some of their greetings for Bellarmine. We are hoping for another happy 15 years!


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