Morazán Students Reflect and Dream Together!

Para español, dele clic aquí.

The goal of FUNDAHMER’s scholarship program, in addition to providing economic support for dedicated students seeking to advance in their studies, is to create spaces for formation, self-reflection, and community-building.  One way this is accomplished is through monthly meetings held in Morazán, La Libertad, and San Salvador facilitated by FUNDAHMER staff.

Last Sunday, around 80 scholarship students from Morazán gathered with FUNDAHMER staff members Anita, Angela, and Eva for a workshop on interpersonal relationships.  They opened the space with an icebreaker called “Step In-Step Out.”  Various statements where read, and if the statements were true for the students, they stepped into the circle.

Then, the students broke into 6 reflection groups based on their grade levels.  Each grade level group (middle school, high school, and university) reflected with specific questions about their dreams for the scholarship student community and what role each grade level group should have.  For example, the younger students expressed how they hope to learn from and be mentored by the university students.

The workshop created space for the students to listen to and learn from each other and feel more united as a community!


Students play an icebreaker!


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