Holy Week with the Youth of El Triunfo

Para español, dele clic aquí.

Last week, the youth group of El Triunfo, La Libertad celebrated holy week by reflecting, having fun together, and serving their community.  El Triunfo is in a sister community relationship with the congregation of First United Church in Canada.  The youth group is co-facilitated by Dolores, a community leader in El Triunfo, and Andreas, a member of the FUNDAHMER team.  The group generates opportunities for community-building about the young people, celebrating the faith in the spirit of Monseñor Romero and the martyrs, preserving historical memory, and promoting youth leadership in El Triunfo’s community activities.

The week began on Monday with a three-day campout.  During this time, the youth group organized themselves for the religious celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter vigil.  They also painted a mural, and made cascarones for the community’s children.  Cascarones are emptied-out eggs filled with confetti, sealed with tissue paper, then broken over people’s heads!

The group also took a day trip to nearby Rio Chilama to go for a swim.

On Thursday, the 3-day celebration of the Triduum began, and the youth actively participated in the leadership of the liturgies. For example, on Good Friday they acted out a drama of the Stations of the Cross, and for the Easter Vigil they wrote and sang a song recounting the creation story.

Eva, a long-term volunteer in the Solidarity department, spent holy week in El Triunfo. She was very moved by her experience and shared, “The holy week celebrations in El Triunfo were some of the most beautiful I have experienced because of the role the youth had in putting them together. For me it was really inspiring to see them take such a huge role in organizing community events!”


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