An important part of FUNDAHMER’s work is to accompany delegations of visitors who come from around the world to share in the life of El Salvador. Some delegations are worship groups or schools that have already established  sister relationships with a Salvadoran community, but many are groups of pilgrims or students who wish to draw close in relationship and knowledge of the Salvadoran people and our reality. We host medical and dental delegations, immersion trips from high schools and universities, and groups from churches all over the world.

Some activities that delegations might include are:

  • Homestay in a rural community either in Morazán or La Libertad, staying with families in their homes, in search of the sense of day-to-day life in these communities
  • Visit historical and holy sites, including the chapel of Monseñor Romero’s martyrdom, the Jesuit martyrs’ University of Central America, the site of the massacre at El Mozote, among others
  • Talk with public figures such as politicians, journalists, workers’ unions, or nonprofit workers about the current reality of El Salvador
  • Learn about Salvadoran history from Equipo Maiz, a populist printing press, as well as individuals who feel called to share their personal stories with visitors
  • Experience Salvadoran culture by trying pupusas, learning popular songs and dances, and enjoying nature!

If you would like more information about delegations or to schedule your dates with us, please contact us at

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