Get Involved

The work of FUNDAHMER is done both in El Salvador as well as in partnerships and communities around the world. Many churches, schools, universities, families, and individuals walk with us in solidarity, accompanying the work of FUNDAHMER in El Salvador not only financially but with their creativity, care, and trust in a better world. We welcome all kinds of support, and there are a lot of ways to get involved:

  • Come visit! We feel strongly that getting to know the people of El Salvador is the best way to begin to understand the country’s reality and the forces, big and small, that make life here look, sound, taste, smell, and feel the way it does. If you are interested in coming to visit but aren’t linked to a community that organizes a delegation, please contact us!
  • Volunteer! FUNDAHMER has a long tradition of receiving volunteers from all over the world: from El Salvador, from the United States, from Canada, from Europe, from South America, and Australia.
  • Be informed! Such a big part of our work is sharing about the micro- and macro-realities of the people of El Salvador with the rest of the world. Follow the link to our resource list with all kinds of information in all kinds of different media. If you notice that an important resource is missing, let us know!
  • Donate! FUNDAHMER is funded 100% by small micro-project grants and donations from friends and companions who believe in our work. All of our staff and the projects they work so hard to implement are paid for out of the generosity and solidarity of people who believe in our struggle.
  • Stay in touch! If you’ve come on a delegation or been involved with our work in the past, please stay in touch. Knowing that so many people out there are walking with us help us keep going, both as FUNDAHMER and in the communities. Write a letter, or send us some pictures! We’d love to hear from you.

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