When are applications due for the long-term volunteer position?

All applications to be considered for the long-term and short-term positions are due by January 31st. Skype-interviews will take place in mid-February, and all applicants will be advised of the organization’s decisions by March 31st.

How long is the volunteer commitment?

We ask all long-term volunteers to make a commitment of two years. This allows the individual to learn and become immersed with the mission, vision, and goals of the organization, and allows us to continue a rotating volunteer plan, inviting a new person every year.

What if I can’t commit for two years?

Unfortunately, if you are unable to commit for two years, you will not be eligible for the long-term position. However, we often have other opportunities for summer volunteers helping with delegations. In addition there are occasional opportunities to work on specific projects as they arise within the foundation. Please check our blog and Idealist.org for future opportunities.

How do I access the volunteer application?

We ask that you please send us an email at cebesfundahmer@fundahmer.org.sv, requesting an application, along with a small introduction as to why you are interested in volunteering with FUNDAHMER.

What kind of visa do I need?

Upon arrival to the country, you will be given a 90 day tourist visa. If you are a short-term volunteer, this will suffice for the 3-month period. For long-term volunteers, you will begin the process of applying for a temporary residency visa before you leave for El Salvador; gathering paperwork, etc. The temporary residency lasts one year, and will need to be renewed half way through your commitment with the organization. FUNDAHMER will provide the necessary documentation to assist in this process.

Is there financial assistance?

Yes, for all long-term volunteers, FUNDAHMER offers a monthly stipend of $250. This is enough to cover food expenses and transportation. Housing assistance can be discussed on an as-needed basis.

Where do the volunteers live?

All volunteers are offered free housing at the guesthouse located in the same building as the offices. It is up to the volunteer whether or not they would like to find alternative housing. However, we recommend spending a few months in FUNDAHMER while you adapt to the country and culture.

Does FUNDAHMER offer health insurance?

No. It is recommended that volunteers coming to FUNDAHMER find health insurance prior to their arrival in the country. If you are able to stay on your parent’s health insurance, great! If not, there are several options for insurance while living abroad and traveling. Google is a great place to start a search, but if you have any questions, you can always contact us at cebesfundahmer@fundahmer.org.sv.

Is there airport pick-up?

Yes, FUNDAHMER staff will be at the airport, waiting to welcome the newest addition to the family! Be sure you send all flight information to the coordinator in charge of the volunteer program.

Is training provided?

Yes, upon arrival, there will be job-training and general orientation to the country.

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