Through the Women’s Project under our Education Program, FUNDAHMER has been accompanying the women’s groups for more than 10 years. We facilitate formative processes which emphasize gender and empowerment for small collectives of women from different communities in the departments of Morazán, La Libertad, and San Salvador.

The Women’s Project seeks to develop spaces of formation and participation for the different groups of women using a simple and participatory methodology inspired by popular education and community organization. Our goal is to strengthen the personal development  of these women and empower them to have a greater impact within their communities.

The Women’s Project accompanies initiatives organized by different women’s groups in order to defend their rights and their struggle against poverty. We encourage individual and collective empowerment and the recovery of historic memory. In this way, we contribute to the growth of their autonomy and organizational capacity, and we strengthen the social and political impact of the women.

In order to achieve this goal, FUNDAHMER’s Women’s Project works to create spaces for encounters and community living which promote confidence and close relationships among women. These spaces offer women the opportunity to explore with freedom and joy their own creativity and to strengthen their organizational and productive capacities.

As a result, empowered and autonomous women become promoters of a new culture and vision of development within their communities. These new leaders implement diverse initiatives of life and production linked to their identity as rural women, and with a focus on economic solidarity.

It is our hope that the Women’s Project will result in the rise of communities in which men and women collectively participate in equal relationships and build their own well-being from their identity and rural recollection, promoting a culture of peace.

To date, our experience on the personal, familial and group level shows the women have achieved a feeling of identity and pertinence. The organizational and productive maturity of these women’s groups offers an opportunity to advance new initiatives for the community life.

Some Fruits of the Process

Two years ago, three collectives of artisan women have risen from three different regions of the country: two from the department of La Libertad (the communities of Sacacoyo, and Las Mesas), and one from the department of Morazán (communities in the municipality of Cacaopera).

These artisan collectives were founded in the 1970s-80s in their respective regions in the liberating spirit of the Christian Base Communities.

Since then, they have been on a journey of formation to strengthen their leadership, community organization and their social and political impact.




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