Flor de Maíz (Cacaopera)


The rural women in the Cacaopera region of Morazán face high levels of marginalization and gender inequality which are reflected in elevated indexes of poverty, illiteracy and lack of opportunities to develop a dignified life.

Amidst this reality, a group of fifteen women between the ages of 17 and 58 formed Flor de Maíz in 2009. These women have a background in the spirituality and experience of the Christian Base Communities in Cacaopera, and form part of the Congregations of Mothers in the town of Agua Blanca.

The Congregations of Mothers were organized during the time of the armed conflict in order to rescue children who were recruited and imprisoned by the Armed Forces. Today, they preserve historic memory and keep alive the memories of local martyrs, who are the seed of hope for their communities. These congregations are the roots of the Flor de Maíz collective.

The women of Flor de Maíz are united in their commitment to solidarity for self-formation. They are defenders of human rights and natural resources and work with a sense of community in order to fulfill the lives of their families.

These fifteen women decided to take on the challenge of creating something new and to work together to develop their organizational, creative, and productive capacities through the formation of a small economic artisan initiative. As a collective, the women work to generating income to contribute to the improvement of their families’ living conditions. Flor y Maíz produces ecological jewelry and woven and embroidered bags. The collective has also revived the traditional practice of manufacturing  bracelets and bags made from henequen.


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