Solidarity Program

The Solidarity Program promotes international solidarity through sister relationships in order to create new friendships, to raise awareness of other cultures, and to build solidarity in the struggle for peace and justice. To accomplish this, our program is divided into three main pillars: Delegations, Sister Relationships, and Scholarships. For more information on each aspect, click on the titles below.


Buen Pastor2

Good Shepherd delegation visiting the community of Las Mesas, La Libertad, 2014.

We welcome on average 14 delegations throughout the year from various universities, churches and high schools from the United States, Canada, Italy, and Australia. The principal experience of the delegation is the community visit where we spend two days getting to know a Salvadoran community and learning about their history and struggles. We then visit historical sites and meet with individuals to better explore the history and reality of El Salvador.

Sister Relationships

Over the years we have had the honor of accompanying and facilitating numerous sister relationships, some of which have been around for 20+ years! These relationships are built on the values of solidarity and accompaniment and work for the common good. Our sister communities abroad support their Salvadoran communities through agricultural projects, scholarship programs, artisanal cooperatives, and emergency relief, among others.


We currently have 60-80 scholarship students from 13 Salvadoran communities. Our high school and university scholarship recipients are expected to maintain good grades, communicate regularly with their sister community, and participate in community events and committees.

Nazaria Berzabeth Ortiz Mestanza, Community: El Tablón, Agua Blanca

Graduating student Nazaria Berzabeth Ortiz Mestanza, from the community El Tablón, Agua Blanca, with Tom Moore, a member of the Prince of Peace Sister community, 2014.


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