Cayuga and San Pedro

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We began a formal sister relationship in 2004.  Some of the impetus came from the relationship our daughter developed with El Salvador while working with Crispaz for a couple of years.  Later a group of us visited El Salvador with Crispaz in 2002, and other members of our group had worked in El Salvador about 40years ago and had old ties to the country.

Our sister relationship is with the community of San Pedro in Morazán.  So far we have been assisting with a nutrition program, a micro-credit program and also selling hammocks and shoulder bags here in the US.  We look forward to our third annual visit to San Pedro this spring.

We are all pleased to be so warmly welcomed by the folks of San Pedro.  We are proud to be able to, and to be allowed to accompany them for a little piece of their lives.  We feel that it is impossible for us to assess how we contribute to their lives, and if we had to know we would have to ask them.

Individuals in our group are grateful for the education in the history, economics and politics of El Salvador, for the personal enrichment that comes from experiencing a different culture, and for the warm hospitality and friendship of the people of San Pedro.

Many of the indelible memories we have are of the food we have received, particularly the tortillas and beans in San Pedro.  Also people remember pupusas, of course.  We remember being greeted with song on arrival, sleeping in hammocks, walking around to visit people in their homes, worshiping together, and appreciating the women who rose well before dawn to start preparing the breakfast.

Lastly, we would like to share the mission statement of our organization:

“A Sister Community relationship has been established between residents of CayugaCounty in New YorkState and the village of San Pedro, El Salvador.  It is a cooperative effort to foster friendship and solidarity across national boundaries, and raise consciousness about cultural differences and global inequality.  Our connection is strengthened through various forms of contact, including economic support, correspondence and visits, which allow for mutual sharing of our stories and hopes.  Through this process we hope to foster a long-lasting relationship and through shared decision making, to assist San Pedro in a way that supports sustainability and economic well-being.”


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